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We enjoyed visiting with everyone at the Falcon Festival on Saturday. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. We’ll have pictures of the festival in our July 7 issue.In honor of Father’s Day, the women on the Falcon team wrote tributes to their fathers. It’s that father-daughter thing. Even if you don’t have a daughter, we think you’ll enjoy reading about the special relationship between fathers and daughters. Most of us shed a few tears as we wrote about our dads.Also in this issue is a follow up article to the incorporation vote. The article is focused on how to keep the discussion about Falcon ongoing. A monthly roundtable discussion is in the planning stages, and we support that effort. Also, we’d like to be a part of it as well, and we encourage you to do so, too. On another note, we received many calls regarding the incorporation vote, and some people were confused because they went to the polls and found that they were not able to vote. Only those Falcon residents living inside the boundaries of the proposed town could vote. If you own a 40-acre parcel and received a letter allowing you to opt out of the boundaries, and you chose to opt out, you were NOT eligible to vote.As growth in Falcon continues, the area has become the new home for many service clubs and organizations. We are highlighting the activities as we receive the information and trying to keep you educated about new clubs coming to town.Stefani Wiest will be taking a break for the summer. She has three young boys and is anticipating a hectic summer. Stefani has been a huge asset to this team, and we’ll miss her this summer. But we’ll be looking for you in September, Stefani, so enjoy your time off!Well, July 4 is around the corner, and we won’t be out again until July 7, so be safe this holiday and remember that you don’t have to go far to celebrate. Check out your community calendar for the big Fourth of July event in Falcon.That’s it for now. See you July 7, and Happy Father’s Day to all!– Michelle, Marylou and the team

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