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Friends of Falcon advocates for community

Submitted by Friends of Falcon

Friends of Falcon is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed to preserve Falcon’s unique identity and to advocate for the area. Among the many items organizers monitor is El Paso County’s political redistricting process. One consideration is keeping communities of interest together but early in the process, Falcon was not identified as one of those communities. At the Redistricting Commission’s meeting on June 21, the Friends of Falcon chair recommend adding it as one, and commissioners invited the organization to develop a map and submit it. Friends of Falcon submitted the map on the 27th of June and is pleased to note that the county now officially includes Falcon as a community of interest in their presentations. The submitted map, citizen comments and the county’s updated presentations are all available on the county’s website at And to learn more about Friends of Falcon, visit their web page at

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