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A Friends of Falcon core focus is “responsible development.” The term encompasses two primary elements — incorporating meaningful density transitions between uses of different densities, and ensuring infrastructure is properly built from the outset rather than relying on the county to shoulder the burden later. Recently, Falcon Highlands residents reached out to illustrate what happens when the infrastructure aspect is not properly addressed and to ask Friends of Falcon to help advocate for change. Specifically, an underdrain beneath a county street is blocked and is causing the street to sink and groundwater to swell in residential areas. Unfortunately, neither the Metropolitan District that installed the system nor the county has yet to accept responsibility for effecting the necessary repairs and unblocking the drain. Beyond getting someone to make those repairs, Falcon Highlands residents are concerned that the Falcon Highlands Filing 3 development will not only exacerbate the problems, but will also mean new residents will face similar issues. Friends of Falcon is continuing to work with the Falcon Highlands residents to connect to county resources and to advocate for change. Specifically, the term responsible development needs to encompass infrastructure maintenance, not just construction, and the county must require definitive identification of which parties will be responsible for both. Friends of Falcon will continue to advocate for such solutions. If you’d like to help, or to learn more about the nonprofit, visit the website at

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