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Falcon family providing scholarships

On Aug. 13, the Falcon Education Foundation presented recent Falcon High School graduate Cody Curtis with the first-ever Falcon Excellence Scholarship, funded entirely by an anonymous donation from a local family.The donors said they are parents of recent Falcon High graduates, and it bothered them that there were hardworking students who couldnít afford to go to college. ìEducation is very, very important to us,î the husband said. ìWeíve told our kids they can go to the best school they can get into, and we will make that happen for them. Theyíve been very lucky with that. Itís very important to both of us for kids to be able to have that opportunity. We want to be able to help as many kids as we can.îThe couple said Curtis is the first to receive the scholarship money but wonít be the last. ìThis year was just one student but weíre hoping next year that there will be two or three and then more after that,î he said. ìWe want to be able to help as many kids as we can. We want it to snowball into something where local businesses and local people can contribute and build on it.îCurtis will receive $10,000 each year for the four years he will attend Fort Hays State University in Hays, Kansas, as long as he maintains a minimum 3.0 grade point average. ìThatís part of maintaining the scholarship,î he said. ìStudents are going to have to do well in school and maintain their GPA and stay in school. It is an opportunity for them to succeed, but itís up to them to do it.îStudents receiving subsequent scholarships will get $20,000 distributed over a fouryear term. Students eligible for the scholarship must be on the track to a four-year degree and meet the GPA and other requirements. ìThey have to be going on to get a four-year degree, whether they start at a school like Pikes Peak Community College or a four-year institution,î the wife said.While the couple helped select Curtis as this yearís recipient, they plan to assemble a committee to select future recipients.ìWe donít want a pat on the back for doing this. We just want to do this to help kids.î

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