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As Falcon School District 49 gears up for a new year, parents have voiced concern that the online registration system is not up to par.Charity Vanderveer-Weese said she tried to register her two younger children online, but couldnít complete their registration because her older son, who hasnít attended school in the district for two years, was still in the system. The registration process required that she complete his registration before it would allow her to complete the other two childrenís registration, she said.ìThere are kids out there working on getting into certain courses like ones that give you college credit, and they want to get in before thereís no more space; and that (online registration) is getting in the way of those students getting those classes,î Vanderveer-Weese said.ìWe have a large amount of students; and, anytime you have technological advances that are new, there will be glitches,î said Matt Meister, D 49 director of communications. For the number of people that have utilized the process, the amount that have issues is pretty small.îMeister said each time the central enrollment office becomes aware of a specific issue, they have a meeting to determine if the problem is an enrollment issue or a structural online issue.ìWeíre making things more convenient for people because they can enroll and register their kids 24 hours per day,î he said. ìBefore, some people may have had to take off work because it was a business hours thing.îThe districtís ultimate goal is to provide the best service possible through the online registration system. ìAs the director of communications, if someone is having a problem anywhere in the district, I invite them to call me; and I will be more than willing to help them resolve that problem,î Meister said.ìThat is a personal invitation to all parents in the district, and I will be more than happy to get them to the right person to resolve any and all problems theyíre having.îMatt Meister can be reached at the following phone number: 719-495-1151.

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