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El Paso County Colorado District 49

Falcon Education Foundation – raising funds for D 49

The Falcon Education Foundation, a nonprofit organization comprised of business people, parents, schoolteachers, school administrators and residents in D 49, was founded eight years ago to raise money for projects that fall outside mainstream school funding like the mini-grants. Last year, the FEF awarded $15,935 in mini-grants to D 49 teachers and $2000 in scholarships.”We raise money through a variety of activities,” said Kevin Butcher, president. Butcher said the foundation is one of three charities that receive parking ticket money from the First & Main Shopping Center. “The streets there are private, so if you get a parking ticket … we get part of the proceeds,” he said.The foundation also partners with McDonalds. Each month, the staff from D 49 schools (a different school each month) volunteers to work at a McDonald’s store in return for a portion of the sales. “McDonald’s gives us as high as 20 percent of their sales for the night,” Butcher said. “The school staff collects tips, and it’s not unusual to make far more in tips because the community comes out to support the event and everyone has a good time. It’s just hilarious. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a McDonalds where there is standing room only.”Butcher said they partner with Mr. Biggs Family Fun Center as well by offering passes. He also credited developers and builders with helping the foundation raise funds.The foundation sponsors the annual recognition dinner and silent auction, which will be held April 10 next year. “It’s a great community builder,” Butcher said. “It brings the school and the community into the same room. We give … achievement awards … (and) awards to teachers and to school employees who aren’t teachers, but contribute so much to the schools.”Butcher said the foundation recognizes graduating seniors who achieve at least a 3.75 grade average with a dinner. The dinner takes place May 9 next year.They also provide two $500 scholarships to high school students in the district. “One scholarship is for a student who wants to pursue a career in education, and the other is given to a student who has overcome a difficult circumstance and maybe doesn’t have the grades to qualify for other scholarships, but deserves a boot,” he said.”We’re always looking for new ideas and people who want to participate in the foundation.”For more information on the foundation, call Kevin Butcher at 719-535-0500.

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