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Emergency Response Instruction

Assistant Black Forest Fire and Rescue Chief, James Rebitski, presented a free Stroke and Heart Attack Recognition and Response class to a well attended†group Feb. 11 at the Black Forest Lutheran Church. The Black Forest AARP Chapter hosted the program.†The presentation was easy to comprehend†yet covered the key physiological and symptomatic aspects of these emergencies. †The emphasis throughout was on the early recognition of distress symptoms†and the necessity to take immediate action. These two aspects were emphasized as critical to enhancing the recovery of the stricken person.Chief Rebitski quoted recent statistics that identified heart disease as the No. 1 killer today of both men and women in the U.S. Surprisingly, heart disease†kills more women than the various well-known cancers. †Since symptoms vary between individuals and are different in men and women, people should be†aware of the onset identifiers and not delay getting a person with suspected symptoms to a hospital. †Using 911 and an ambulance service was recommended as†being the fastest way to negotiate traffic and also the best environment for the stricken person because ambulance EMT personnel take initial lifesaving actions†enroute to the hospital.†The February meeting of Black Forest AARP Chapter #1100 followed the Emergency Response Instruction. †The program, after the traditional potluck†lunch, featured Assistant Chief Rebiski again, discussing ìFalls Awareness and Preventionî in the home.†The emphasis was on awareness of the†inherent dangers in various rooms, and understanding the steps necessary to make the home a safer environment. He highly recommended the use of ìhome†alert systemsî for older persons who live alone; or are at risk for falls; or prone to other medical emergencies. †The business meeting included reminders that the March 11 chapter meeting would be at the Golden Corral on Woodman Road, and the†semi-annual Driverís Safety class that will be held March 9 is at the Black Forest Lutheran Church. †For more information on these events or to learn how you†can contribute to the community by becoming a Black Forest Chapter member, call 749-9227 or visit the chapter website at†

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