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Elementary teacher awarded Einstein fellowship

A fourth-grade teacher from Odyssey Elementary School has been selected as one of 20 teachers nationwide who received the Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship. Erik Russell will represent Falcon School District 49 and the state of Colorado at the National Science Foundation in Washington, D.C. during his year-long fellowship.”I am amazed at the caliber of teachers and top-notch educators coming from across the country,” Russell said. He said he is humbled by the chance to affect public policy at a national level.Russell will serve as the directorate for computer and information science and engineering under the Broadening Participation in Computing program. He said his roles will include serving on review panels, expanding and participating in National Lab Day and working with legislators to increase funding for science, technology, engineering and math programs.Professional development opportunities are another benefit of the Einstein Fellowship, Russell said. He hopes to bring back many innovative ideas to strengthen D 49’s science, technology, engineering and math program (STEM).Russell is a long-time advocate for STEM education. He has worked for five years within the district to enhance the STEM initiative and infuse robotics, rocketry and engineering into the math and science curriculum.”Mr. Russell has been very involved in assisting the district with grant proposals, which have allowed our district to receive funding from both private companies and federal appropriations,” said Pamela Weyer, Odyssey Elementary School principal.”I think science gets the short end of the stick,” Russell said. State assessment tests push educational focus heavily onto literacy and math, while science and engineering are neglected, he said.”We need to push ourselves,” Russell said. “Our global economy has changed how business is done. We need our kids prepared in STEM education, if they are going to be successful.”Russell’s enthusiasm and dedication is spreading. Weyer said Russell has inspired students and teachers around the district to become excited about robotics and engineering. “He has consistently been able to help students achieve at high levels through his innovative approach to education,” she said. “The hands-on approach is very motivating.”District 49 internships availableHigh school students age 16 and older are eligible for internships starting in August and again in January 2011. Interested students or parents can contact Kathleen Voss: 719-495-1193 or 719-499-6678 or 49 students have the opportunity to gain knowledge, skills and experience in a variety of professional fields. Intern positions with businesses in Colorado Springs and Falcon are available in the following occupations: physical therapy; fire/rescue; television/radio broadcasting; auto body; restaurant; finance/investing; insurance; optical; dentistry; chiropractic; cable/Internet; publishing; alternative medicine; veterinary; photography; heating and cooling; preschool; and elementary education.The positions are unpaid but students earn school credit. The district also covers liability insurance. Students must work 135 hours during each internship period and provide their own transportation.For more information or for businesses interested in participating, contact Voss at the above number.

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