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Election time again

This fall, Colorado will elect a new governor: Democrat Bill Ritter or Republican Bob Beauprez. Each of the candidates have stated how they stand on issues facing the state like economy, education, health care, taxes and water, to name a few. Voters generally pick a candidate who shares similar views to their own, which is often tough because they may agree on some issues, but not all. Wouldn’t it be nice to find the perfect candidate?A few people from eastern El Paso were put in the hot seat when asked the question, “If you were governor, what is the first thing you would do for or change about Colorado?” All of them looked at statewide issues, but they all hit close to home.

Steve Kaltneckar – Peyton
I would stop seizure of private property by privatedevelopers with consent of the state Congress.
Deborah McIntosh – Elbert
I would research the gas or petroleum they have found in the state (Colorado) and do something good with it.
Gayle Thomasson – Elbert
I would ensure that corporate entities would not have the power to dictate land and transportation development in Colorado.
Meghann Burnett – Peyton
I would pass a law that prevents the ‘Super Slab’ from being built.

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