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If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go? When Travel Leaders recently asked consumers to name their ultimate international vacation, Australia was the top choice, followed by Italy, Ireland, New Zealand and cruising the Mediterranean.Australia’s gorgeous beaches perfectly symbolize the continent’s laid-back, outdoorsy lifestyle that’s so welcoming to visitors. The vast interior is full of attractions as well, including the stunning natural features of the Red Center, such as Uluru (Ayers Rock) and the Olgas. Australia also has acclaimed winemaking regions, mountain ranges that yield diamonds and the coral wonderland of the Great Barrier Reef.Australia’s cosmopolitan cities reflect a wonderful mix of Aboriginal, European and Asian cultures in their museums, restaurants and sports. While in Australia, take in an Australian rules football match – a fast-moving game that’s very different from American football. The season runs from March through September (the last month of Australia’s winter) and is played in stadiums in all of the major cities.Keep in mind that Australia is such a large and diverse dream destination that it’s difficult to see everything you want to see in one trip. A travel professional can help you plan a manageable itinerary.Italy isn’t as large as Australia, but also has so much to see that you may want to select a focus for your trip. For example, you could concentrate on the incredible artistic and archeological treasures of Rome or Florence; the historic buildings and ornate bridges along the Venetian canals; the relaxing and stunning Amalfi Coast and the nearby island of Capri; or the amazing fashion capitol of Milan.Ireland’s scenic beauty ranges from ancient castles to smooth green pastureland to craggy mountains. Picturesque villages, charming pubs and shops full of fine Irish linens and other keepsakes seem to be everywhere. The west coast is wonderful for sailing; on the east coast, you can enjoy a pint of beer in the Dublin pubs once frequented by legendary writers like James Joyce.New Zealand is a terrific destination for outdoor enthusiasts – you can indulge a passion for hiking, whitewater rafting, bungee jumping or parasailing. If you’re not an extreme athlete, don’t worry. New Zealand offers plenty of laid-back activities, too, such as wine tasting, beach combing, learning about native Maori culture and browsing through art galleries.Finally, the great advantage of a Mediterranean cruise is that you don’t have to pick just one country to visit. Depending on your available time and budget, you could visit Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Turkey and Greece, all while enjoying the many comforts of a modern cruise ship.While these are the international destinations most Americans want to visit, you may have something quite different in mind. Whatever and wherever your dream vacation may be, our travel professionals can help you get there.

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