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Developments in Black Forest

Minibelly Greenhouse developmentThe El Paso County Board of County Commissioners approved the Minibelly Greenhouse Development March 18, 2014. The property is owned by Black Forest Mission LLC and is located at 4135 Shoup Road. The initial request from the developer was for one greenhouse structure of about 51,834 square feet but also included an amendment option, requesting an additional three smaller greenhouses on the property, measuring about 22,464, 14,410, and 17,400 respectively. The BOCC approved the amendment in a 3-2 vote.According to the April 2015 issue of The New Falcon Herald, one of the three facilities was already constructed and measured 21,000 square feet. The other two structures were subsequently built and also measured 21,000 square feet. Construction on the Minibelly Greenhouse project is complete.Sanctuary in the Pines subdivisionThe BOCC approved the rezoning of 2,378 acres from residential rural to planned unit development for the Sanctuary in the Pines subdivision April 26, 2007, as requested by the developers, Morely-Howard Investments LLC. The property is located north of Shoup Road and east of Vollmer Road. The commissioners also approved the preliminary plan for the subdivision to allow 390 single-family residential lots, 1,182 acres of public open space and an elementary school site.On Dec. 13, 2007, the commissioners approved an amendment to reduce the number of lots from 390 to 389 to accommodate a 2.5-acre fire station/sheriffís substation.Sterling RanchOn Nov. 13, 2008, the county commissioners approved the sketch plan for Sterling Ranch, consisting of 1,433.7 acres and located east of Vollmer Road, north and south of the proposed extension of Briargate Parkway and north of Woodmen Road. The original request proposed 5,500 residential units, 56 acres of commercial use, 57 acres of school sites, 210 acres of parks and open space and a 2-acre utility site. Since the original sketch plan expired five years from the approval date, the developer applied for and received an extension for the plan on Nov. 25, 2014.According to the July 2015 issue of the NFH, the BOCC approved the preliminary plan for the first phase of the development May 26, 2015. The site is located on 182 acres of land rezoned to residential suburban, which will include 427 houses, according to the July 2015 issue of the NFH. Residential suburban zoning means each lot must be a minimum of 5,000 square feet, the article states.The commissioners approved the final plat of Filing No. 1 in October 2016.Cathedral PinesThe BOCC approved a request by HPT LLC to allow 13 additional lots in the Cathedral Pines subdivision on Nov. 19, 2009. The 810-acre subdivision is located within Black Forest and the addition of the 13 lots brings total density of the subdivisionís 174 plots to one lot per 4.65 acres. Much of construction on the subdivision is complete.The Retreat at TimberRidgeAccording to the April issue of the NFH, Land Development Corp. is proposing a subdivision, The Retreat at TimberRidge, which would be located on the east side of Vollmer Road, with a portion of the land to the north of Arroya Lane and the majority to the south of it. The proposal requests a rezoning of about 300 acres from rural residential to PUD and establishes 470 plots, ranging in size from about 6,000 square feet to 5 acres, the article states. The subdivision would also include open space and a central neighborhood park.The proposal has not yet reached the countyís planning commission or the BOCC.

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