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Definition of a hero

What’s the difference between the following two lists of people:1. Barbara McClintock, Les Paul, Archie Moore, Benjamin Davis Jr. and Margaret Chase Smith;2. Albert Einstein, Superman, Lance Armstrong, Martin Luther King and Harriet Tubman?Are the lists that of heroes? The individuals mentioned in the second list are more familiar to most people, and they could fall under the definition of hero.According to Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of a hero is “a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities” or “one that shows great courage.”In the days of Greek mythology, a hero was originally a demigod or a male that was the offspring of a god and a mortal. These beings usually had some but not all of the powers of a god.The beauty of heroes is that they come in all shapes and sizes. The second week in February is “Hero’s Week” and this month’s Streetwise question got a few people thinking about the hero or heroes in their life.Who is your hero?

Norma Deen
I’d have to say my dad just because I try and live my life like he does. He works extremely hard and I’ve always looked up to him.

Chris Caywood
Colorado Springs
Every one of my students because whatever physical, emotional or other limitations they may have, they persevere and try and that makes them all winners.

Lynne Krause
It’s all those men and women that go out and protect our country every day. They give up their own families to do that.

Michelle Strause
My husband is my hero. Because no matter what adversity has been thrown at him, he puts on a smile and gets through it. We have two boys with special needs and he has never looked at that as anything except an opportunity.

In case you don’t know:If the first list of people has you scratching your head, we’ll save you the trouble of “Googling” them.
  • Barbara McClintock won the Noble Prize in medicine and physiology for her studies with chromosomes.
  • Les Paul invented the modern electric guitar.
  • Archie Moore was credited for 141 boxing knockouts.
  • Benjamin Davis Jr. was the first African American to reach the rank of general in the United States Air Force.
  • Margaret Chase Smith was the first woman to be elected to both the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.

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