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Dare I dream of a place

Despite record fuel prices above $3 per gallon, more Americans will travel by car over the Memorial Day holiday weekend than a year ago, according to a new survey by AAA. In a sign that energy costs will affect behavior, however, AAA said travelers are planning to stay closer to home and take shorter trips. AAA predicted that 38.3 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more, an increase of 1.7 percent from last year. The number of Americans traveling by plane over the holiday weekend is expected to rise by 1 percent to 4.4 million. The remaining travelers will go by bus or train. (AP;; Pages 3B, Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel; 1B, USA Today)But there’s no need to take a plane, train or automobile when dreaming about the ultimate vacation destination. Most people have at least one place they have always dreamed of visiting. Here are four individuals who were ready to pack their bags and head off to their favorite vacation spot.

Jeff Bowie
New Zealand to go fly-fishing

Chelsea Pierce
If we were going to go on a vacation that would include the kids, I guess it would be a Disney Cruise.

Bob Sobota
The big island of Hawaii: I would want to visit the Volcano National Park and do some snorkeling.

Darrell Harrison
Colorado Springs
England to see Stonehenge

Last year’s holiday travel stats:Christmas/New Years ’06: 64.9 million travelers (81 percent auto; 14 percent air)Thanksgiving ’06: 38.3 million travelers (82.8 percent auto; 12.5 percent air)Fourth of July ’06: 40.7 million travelers (85 percent auto; 11percent air)Memorial Day ’06: 37.6 million travelers (84 percent auto; 11percent air)Source: Gene LaDoucer, Director of Public and Government Affairs AAA North Dakota

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