The new falcon herald logo.
El Paso County Colorado District 49

New logo for D 49

On July 1, Falcon School District 49 introduced its new logo to the community, and Matt Meister, D 49 director of communications, described the design and the reason behind it.ï Within the word ìDistrict,î the two ìiîs were replaced with a numeral ì1î because the district is working to be the best district in which to learn, work and lead.ï The stylized ìD 49î has a swoosh in it, which is meant to represent the path of the educational journey. The swoosh also represents that each student is on his or her own path. The district is currently developing ì49 Pathwaysî to better serve the interests, needs and educational styles of each student, as well as address new state competency based graduation guidelines.ï The color green within the logo represents growth, both within the district and within each student and staff member. The green had been used in the former logo.ï The color orange speaks to vitality.ï The gold color speaks to creative thought, energy and optimism.ï The mountain in the background of the logo is meant to represent Pikes Peak. Itís a symbol of the region that can be easily seen from almost anywhere in the district.ìLike any logo and brand should do, the new logo helps us to tell a story of the districtís past and the districtís future,î Meister said.

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