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El Paso County Colorado District 49

D 49 adopts high school attendance boundaries

The Falcon School District 49 Board of Education approved new high school attendance area boundaries at their regular board meeting Nov. 8.The boundaries for Falcon High School include all areas east of Marksheffel Road, the northern extension of Marksheffel Road and areas north of Constitution Avenue, which also is reserved for a future high school in the Banning Lewis Ranch development.The area west of Marksheffel Road and north of Barnes Road is assigned to the new Vista Ridge High School. The plan calls for ninth and 10th graders in the Vista Ridge High School attendance area to attend Vista Ridge when it opens in the fall of 2008. Eleventh and 12th graders living in the Vista Ridge attendance area will continue to attend Sand Creek High School until they graduate.With the exception of a small area south of Barnes Road and west of Peterson Road that also is assigned to Vista Ridge High School, students living south of Barnes Road and west of Marksheffel Road are assigned to Sand Creek High School. The Sand Creek High School attendance area also includes the triangle-shaped area east of Marksheffel Road, bounded by Constitution Avenue and Highway 24.”Most high school boundary lines should follow major arterial lines,” said Henry Reitwiesner, director of planning and construction.Reitwiesner said the following guidelines were used to make the decision:

  • Get Sand Creek High School off the two-track system
  • Do what’s best for the students
  • Keep families together
  • Utilize capacities
  • Avoid splitting elementary and middle schools
  • Minimize transportation costs
  • Avoid disrupting athletic programs
Reitwiesner said the long-range planning committee’s next task is to address overcrowding at Skyview Middle School. The committee also will work on aligning middle school attendance areas with the high school boundaries, he said.

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