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El Paso County Colorado District 49

Martin re-elected; Clawson elected

Voters elected Dave Martin to another term on the School District 49 Board of Education, and Kent Clawson was elected to his first term. Randall Brungardt did not retain his seat on the board. The unofficial count from the El Paso County elections Web site showed the following:

CandidateNumber of votesPercentage
Dave Martin2,98935.14%
Kent Clawson2,75632.40%
Randy J. Brungardt1,62719.13%
Promise Lee1,13513.34%
At the D 49 board meeting Nov. 8, Brungardt said he plans to try again in 2009.Promise Lee said he has no plans to run for the board in the future. ìI felt called to run this time, so I was just being obedient to the call. Dave Martin and Kent Clawson will do a good job,î Lee said. ìMy intent is to stay connected with the parents group and advocate for things that I feel are important to the district, such as ethnic diversity among the staff.îThe Nov. 6 election was a mail-in ballot only election. According to the El Paso County elections department Web site, mail-in ballots were sent to ìactiveî voters ñ or those who voted in the 2006 election.Some precincts had nothing to vote on, so residents of those precincts didnít receive ballots.The county mailed 208,316 ballots and counted 60,408 ballots, said Liz Olson, manager of the El Paso County election department.ìWe had quite a few ballots returned on Election Day ñ 1,500 or more. I think the turnout was pretty good given that the ballot didnít have any statewide, county-wide or city of Colorado Springs questions,î Olson said.ìColorado law allows us to do a mail ballot election only in a coordinated election ñ an odd year election. Next year, that wonít be an option for us. We certainly would love to have the commissioners consider a mail ballot election again.î

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