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Black Forest Meadery corrections:

There were a few errors in the ìBlack Forest Meadery emulates Colorado in wineî article in the June issue of The New Falcon Herald: our apologies to the Shapiros.

  • The Black Forest Meadery Tasting Room is located at 6755 Shoup Road. The Meadery is at 6420 Burrows Road.
  • The Black Forest Meadery does not offer beer or brews. The meads – wines made with honey rather than grapes – are often brewed, but are not considered beer; nor are they considered distilled whiskey or liquor.
  • The turkeys are processed through a Colorado Department of Agriculture facility, and the lamb is processed at a USDA processor.
  • The BF Meadery is not a participant at the El Paso County Fair.
  • They are open year-round at the Tasting Room at 6755 Shoup Road.
  • Tours, along with tastings, are offered on Sundays at the Meadery at 6420 Burrows Road.
For more information, call 719-495-7340 or visit

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