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AARP chapter helps fire victim unpack and settle in

After losing her home and all she had in the devastating Black Forest fire almost two years ago, Lavonne Hidy has moved into a new home at the same location. Twenty-four friends and members of the Black Forest AARP Chapter helped volunteered to unpack boxes and items that she had acquired since the fire. The volunteers unpacked and washed dishes and put them away in cupboards and drawers. They also arranged the food pantry, hung pictures, put clothes and other items where they belonged and stored non-seasonal items in storage areas in the house and garage.Helping this neighbor was not all work. At noon, everyone took a break to socialize and enjoy pizza, snacks and finger food brought by the volunteers. By mid-afternoon, the bulk of the work was done, and Lavonne was ready to fully reside again in Black Forest. She thanked all who volunteered to help and all those who have made her journey through this challenge in her life a little bit easier.

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