A group of firefighters posing for a photo
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Taking care of loved ones

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day: learning from the experts on how to take care of a loved one, friend or perfect stranger by providing timely aid in a possible life-threatening situation.

          That was the topic of instruction and discussion provided to AARP Chapter 1100 members by the Black Forest Fire and Rescue Team at the Feb. 14 AARP Chapter meeting in Black Forest.

          The presentations explored the causes and types of strokes, heart attack and cold weather emergencies, such as frostbite and hypothermia. The team from Black Forest Fire also focused on the symptoms, how each typical situation can be identified, the immediate responses and most importantly, the urgency in getting the person quickly to specialized medical care. In all cases, the No.1 rule is to CALL 911 IF IN DOUBT! The responding Fire and Rescue Paramedics and Firefighters are trained to expedite the person in distress to get the help they need.

          AARP Chapter 1100 meets the second Wednesday of the month. For more information visit the Chapter web site at www.aarpchapter1100blackforest.com. All are welcome!

A group of firefighters posing for a photo

Ray Rozak, president of AARP Chapter 1100 in Black Forest, is with members of a Black Forest Fire and Rescue Team: (from left to right) Firefighter Melissa Collins; Fire Medic Taylor Trotter; Fire Medic Fielding Lucas; Wildland Technician Aidan Dowden; Lt. Chad Herdt; and Firefighter Reese Dennler. Not shown are three BFF&R members who were responding to a call. The Black Forest Fire and Rescue organization is a member of The Rocky Mountain Incident Management Team.

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