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A wish list!

Members of the NFH team shared snippets of what they would invent to satisfy their idea of a perfect Christmas gift ó one that currently isnít on the market (at least we think so). Check out their innovative conceptions!Blind spot alarmI would like to see an auto alarm that would go off when you were driving down the highway and another car came alongside you in your blind spot. The alarm would keep you from changing lanes at that moment. (But the alarm startled the driver so much he ended up in the ditch anyway.)Pete GawdaTeleporting tableI would invent a Christmas dinner table where my family could gather from anywhere in the world.†NOT like Zoom!†It would be teleporting at it’s finest!Michelle BarretteAll I want for Christmas ó pockets.My Christmas wish is for an extremely old invention rather than a futuristic product. Some time ago, the fashion industry decided women only wanted clothing that makes them look slimmer. In order to facilitate the look, most pockets were eliminated from womenís attire. Then came the cell phone, with no place to go. Now the phones are held in one hand, stick precariously out of the back of jeans or end up buried deep in purses.Would clothing companies please hear my plea? Forget the slim look, give us particular pockets. Put them on pants and shirts, and make at least one of them deep enough to hold that ever present phone. Think what a service this would be to womenkind. Once again, we could use both hands; it would eradicate embarrassing butt calls, and even allow us to forego carrying a purse.Really, as we near 2022, I donít think this is too much to ask.Kathy HareHealthy junk foodI would invent Oreo cookies and fried chicken that are actually healthy, and doctors prescribe them to be eaten at least weekly if not daily for all the wonderful nutrients they contain. Sorry, broccoli and kale. (This invention would fare well on Shark Tank.)Leslie SheleyLong-lasting car transmissionFor Christmas I would invent a car with a transmission that would last forever so you don’t have to deal with the surprise of suddenly having to buy a car.†(He recently had to buy a new car.)Timothy PageRobotic litter pick upI would invent a robot (like a vacuum robot) that disintegrates cat waste from the litter box. The only waste left would be ashes that can easily be discarded by emptying the vacuum.Marylou Bride

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