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2010 World Expo set to open in Shanghai

Shanghai, China is already a popular destination for international travelers. According to the latest survey of travel trends by Travel Leaders, Shanghai is the 17th most-booked international destination, up from 19th last year and 30th just two years ago. Beginning May 1, when the World Expo Shanghai opens, the city will be more popular than ever.With the theme “Better City, Better Life,” the expo will focus on urban life in the 21st century. Shanghai’s World Expo Park stretches along the waterfront on both sides of the Huangpu River. Countries from Iceland to Nepal are constructing beautiful and innovative pavilions, showing off eco-friendly products and technologies, while offering fun activities for visitors.For example, the faÁade of Malaysia’s pavilion will be made of palm oil and plastic that can be reused and recycled after the expo. Inside, visitors will be able to pitch and putt at an indoor golf area. Brazil’s pavilion will show off the sustainable development practices being implemented in its cities, as well as its national passion for soccer.At the United Kingdom’s pavilion, a “Seed Cathedral” will be the centerpiece. The cathedral is constructed of 60,000 slim acrylic rods, each containing a seed, signifying the need to protect natural resources. Mexico’s pavilion won’t actually be a building but a grassy area shaded by hundreds of colorful Mexican kites.Throughout the expo, visitors will be able to sample food from around the world and enjoy tours, performances and special events on the grounds. Outside the grounds, there is also the historic and exciting city of Shanghai to explore.The Expo anticipates welcoming 70 million visitors by the time it closes on October 31 of this year. To be among them, talk with your travel professional.

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