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Why should health care be a right?

Dear Editor,”Everyone, especially children, deserves affordable health care and access to the same medical treatment regardless of their financial status. It is our responsibility to make sure they have it.” –Jan Hejtmanek.This statement is fraught with difficulties. It claims that everyone deserves affordable health care. So the first question is “Why?” The second question is “Where do we find affordable health care?” Does it grow on trees? Is it free? Where do we go to demand it, and how is it affordable? If we have no money, we should be able to have the same medical treatment as someone who has a billion dollars. Sounds like Jan is a little over the edge.When I was born in 1941, the country was at war with the third Reich. Very few people had health insurance. Health care was marginal at best by today’s standards. Today, it is for all practical purposes free because Jan said that we deserve the best there is. Yes, the doctor that spent millions of dollars on his education and over 25 years of his youth learning how to provide a special medical service and who pays many dollars in malpractice insurance will provide it, because the elitists, like Jan, say you deserve it. Also, the people who built the hospital and staff and stock it with expensive medical equipment will provide you with whatever you need because Jan said that you deserve it.After all, it is our responsibility to make sure that they have it, because Jan said so. Now I’m confused. It seems that everyone is “us” and we are responsible for “them.” If any of you, I mean us, knows what this means please let me know.Charles VairinBlack Forest

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