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Voter precincts modified

On May 16, the El Paso County Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved a resolution to adopt changes to the countyís voter precincts. The changes are required by Colorado Revised Statutes, which states that the EPC clerk and recorder is permitted to subdivide precincts that have between 1,500 and 2,000 active eligible voters, with BOCC approval.A media release from the county defines precincts as the electoral boundary for the stateís elections. ìEach voter in El Paso County lives in a precinct, and the boundaries help electionsí administrators determine the offices, ballot questions and issues for which voters are eligible to vote,î the release states.According to the statutes, the new precinct boundaries need to be within the boundaries of the original precinct and use natural and man-made boundaries as much as possible.In an email to ìThe New Falcon Herald,î Kristi Ridlen, public information officer for the EPC clerk and recorder, wrote that nine precincts were subdivided by the BOCCís resolution. Of those nine, five precincts are located in northeastern El Paso County.Those northeastern EPC precincts have been subdivided as follows:

  • Precinct 216 is now precincts 216 and 249
  • Precinct 222 is now precincts 222 and 250
  • Precinct 207 is now precincts 207 and 248
  • Precinct 225 is now precincts 225 and 229
  • Precinct 215 is now precincts 215 and 228
In the media release, Chuck Broerman, EPC clerk and recorder, stated: ìIt is exciting to see continued population growth and an increased number of active registered voters in El Paso County.î

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