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Up close: new D 49 communications director

In April, Matt Meister, former chief meteorologist for KRDO News Channel 13, changed his personal forecast to become the new director of communications for Falcon School District 49.ìThe reason for my career change is two-fold,î Meister said. ìPrimarily, I wanted to get to a more traditional schedule for my family. I was quickly coming to the realization that I was going to miss too many important things with the schedule I had. Raising children and being a husband and dad is the most important thing.î Meister said he used to work Monday through Friday for the 4, 5, 6 and 10 p.m. newscasts. He said his children are at the age when their activities are no longer only on Saturdays, which meant he would be absent from many of them. Combining his interests in media and education also prompted the career change. ìItís the perfect blend of the two areas I enjoy,î Meister said. ìIn my previous career, I had done a lot within the field of education and have been in a lot of the classrooms in southern Colorado. Education is an interest I have.îMeister said he has been in Colorado since 1995, when he left Arizona to attend college at Colorado Northwestern Community College in Rangely, Colo. ìI came to play baseball,î he said. ìI fell in love with the state and my now wife, and that was the end of it.î The couple has two children, he said.In 2001, Meister joined KRDO; and, during his time there, he said he became heavily involved in the community and helped southern Colorado navigate through recent tragedies. ìThis new job is allowing me to do the same thing in a different way,î he said. ìIím a very relational person so being the director of communications at Falcon School District is a very logical step for me. Media is obviously a field of communication so that was logical, and educating the coming generations is one of the most important jobs society has. Itís a fulfilling role in that way.îBecause he has direct links to both the city and rural areas of the state, Meister said he feels he can easily relate to the needs of a district like Falcon. ìBoth sides of my wifeís family homesteaded an hour north of Falcon,î he said. ìThe southern part of the district is city, and thatís what I grew up in.ìIn my time at D 49 so far, I have really found the people to be high quality and committed to what they do. The district is going in the right direction and is really doing some neat things and has some very exciting plans.î

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