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“Theocratizing” of America

There is an e-mail floating around Falcon, asking residents to thank the school board for changing the term “Winter Break” to “Christmas Break.”Now, one could say this e-mail is merely a request asking citizens to thank the board for their action, but when one sees it was written by the husband of a member of the board who; incidentally, was instrumental in getting the name changed, it raises some hackles, at least in my mind.Like school kids everywhere, I could care less that the term was changed. Call it what you like, but some questions must be asked. Why was it changed at all? What was the purpose? What did it accomplish? What did it do for the kids?Well, first of all, it doesn’t do anything for the kids. One could bet they weren’t complaining about what their break was called. One could also bet the kids were already calling it “Christmas break” and not for religious reasons either. All they care about is that they’re off school and presents are on the way.To answer the other questions, I’ll go off the deep end and declare that religion snuck its pious nose where it doesn’t belong – right smack dab in the middle of a school board.To me, it’s just another example of the “theocratizing” of America (aka the dumbing down of America). Not that there is anything wrong with America being religious, it’s that religion has its place – in the home, the heart and the church – not with a school board. Sad to say, these religious invasions are happening all around this country – with school boards, political bodies and the White House itself.It’s been a long time coming, but when the U.S. Supreme Court secured the election of George Bush, zealots were in heaven, so to speak. Religiosity exploded in America in great thanks to Bush, who not only wears his faith on his sleeve but also on our sleeves. Before the Iraq war, when Bush was asked if he sought the advice of his father, he replied that he “sought the advice of a higher father.” He also said he felt “chosen” to lead the fight against evildoers.Other presidents have used religion in their oratory but not in the Messianic way that Bush does. Imagine declaring yourself the “chosen” one. But when the shepherd-in-chief calls, the sheep in America will come, and there are millions of them and they all vote – unfortunate for our late, great nation.I am not against religion, I’m just not religious. I believe America needs religion. It gives those who desire it a place to go for solace and hope. And that’s wonderful, but should religion be given a seat on a public school board? No! Never!Does the Falcon school board have nothing more to do than worry about what to call a couple of weeks off during the winter? I can think of two worries right off the bat: the school’s population explosion and how to pay for it.So, from my lowly perch that is how I see this e-mail caper. Thank the school board for the name change game, but while you’re at it, ask them what they are going to do about the important things.Phil Kenny is 73 years young, and his editorial comments have been published locally, statewide and in the New York Times. Kenny served more than 26 years in the United States Air Force, including stints in radio and computer maintenance and four overseas tours – he volunteered for Viet Nam. He retired as a senior master sergeant and has lived in Colorado Springs for 40 years. He now enjoys time with his son and daughter and their families and writing “perceptive and penetrating letters to politicians, pundits and newspapers.”If you have comments, send them to us via

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