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El Paso County Colorado District 49

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We have heard a lot about school districts in the news recently. Every day there seems to be a new headline about the challenges we face in the current economic environment. It is true that we are going through a time of transition, but our work of providing an exemplary education to the children of our district continues. These days, most organizations are taking a hard look at how they do business to find ways to increase their positive impact on the people they serve, while reducing costs internally. Falcon School District 49 is no different. While difficult decisions have and will continue to be made to ensure we are fiscally responsible with our resources, our dedication to excellence for all students will be at the center of all decisions. This process is never easy, but it has been necessary for nearly every district in the state.D 49 is in a much better position than most. Thanks to the fiscal policies of our Board of Education, we have a fund balance that well exceeds the state requirement. We also have a committed and highly qualified staff of professionals providing leadership in the district’s central office. At the school level, we have wonderful administrators and teachers who give their best every day, many working nights and weekends to ensure students receive the best education possible.D 49 students are working hard to develop skills that will help them succeed in a competitive job market, and their parents are actively supporting their education by ensuring that learning doesn’t stop when the school day is over.Over the last several weeks, I have visited each department and school in the district, along with our Chief Financial Officer Joleen Schaake, to provide status updates and answer questions. These visits have been extremely positive experiences. I am truly inspired by the passion our teachers and staff have for the important role they serve in our community and in the lives of each child they empower through education.At D 49, we choose to look at the challenges ahead as opportunities to continue to build upon our foundation of student success.As we navigate through unchartered waters, there are many ways you can join us in our mission to graduate and prepare all children for success in college and careers. Visit our Web site at and watch the featured video on the home page, where I discuss our parents’ academy, which details ways to engage in the district. You can also click on the “community” tab on our Web site to find out more about committee volunteer opportunities. Our school district is great because of people like you who come around the table to discuss solutions to move us forward as an educational community. We are here to serve you.Contact Eric Paugh, or any D 49 division or department head, at 719-495-1100.

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