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Student year-end wrap up

Students, staff and the community constantly hear about overcrowding problems and staff transitions within the Falcon School District. The real question: “How are students doing in Falcon?What are the students learning and what are they earning?Our freshmen class last year had a significant increase in their success rate at Falcon High School, which, in part, is due to our new freshmen seminar program. The freshman program was started last year in an effort to better prepare students to meet raised college entrance criteria.Teachers also are building stronger relationships with students, and the freshmen seminar gives teachers time to assist and mentor students, which has empowered students because it gives them a chance to ask for help in various subjects.Students also have been empowered through widening their course selections. Administration, teachers and counselors worked together to create more classes at Falcon High School in response to student requests. Every department is offering new courses for the 2005-20006 school year. Our goal is to accommodate student growth, develop a love of learning and encourage students to pursue their interests. Giving students more course offerings will result in them being more responsible for their education.The University of Colorado’s “Pre-Collegiate Developmental Program” also is helping students become more responsible for their education. The program is open to students whose parents did not attend college; students who are first-generation college students and those who have a minimum 2.5 grade point average.FHS has doubled the number of students participating in this program. Benefits of the program include developing better study skills, leadership building, college entrance exam preparatory assistance, college admissions and financial aid support and access to community and campus resources.Students were successful in many areas this past year at FHS. They have worked hard in extracurricular activities as well as academics. Students have been to district and state competitions for various activities, such as cheerleading, dance, jazz choir, band, art and photography, track and volleyball.Falcon High’s “Pikes Peak Community College Area Vocational” program also won some categories at the state competition. Students have spent countless hours representing FHS to the best of their abilities, and we take pride in their accomplishments!Our JR-AFROTC program at FHS has been a tremendous success. Col. Van Meter and Chief Dalzell have earned the respect of students and staff because of their dedication and support to our students. They have mentored students and assisted them in getting ROTC scholarships.Three students from Falcon High School have been accepted to the Air Force Academy. Their success is based on hard work, family support and the multiple teachers who’ve mentored them. In the words of Theodore Roosevelt: “Do the best you can, where you are, with what you have.”Falcon High students are making the most of any opportunities our district and the community provide. So, here you go: It is with pleasure that I answer the question “How are students doing in Falcon” by announcing our 2004-2005 senior scholarships winners:

Kris BornhoftCSU – Ft. Collins$8,000
Society of American Military Engineers$2,000
Jessica BukowskiClarendon College$25,000
Katie BungerOklahoma Christian Univ$28,000
ACT score
Harrison Credit Union$500
Falcon Ed Foundation$500
Ellen DreyerBriarcliff Univ$20,000
Morningside College$11,000
Northwestern College$12,000
Univ of Northern CO$4,000
Julie GivanUCCS$1,000
Trinidad Junior College$10,000
Trevor GochenourDana College$12,050
Laura HamelNicole Fields, Amanda Brockman,& Shannon McMahon Memorial Award$200
Clinton JeffreyCSU – Ft. Collins$8,000
CSU – Music Scholarship$4,000
Wells Fargo$5,000
Jessie KaplanMintz Trust$5,000
Katie JohnsonNicole Fields, Amanda Brockman,& Shannon McMahon Memorial Award$200
Dustin KellerCO School of Mines$1,000
Nicole LucasWestern State College$1,000
Jeremiah McKeeUniv of Northern CO – Morgan Family Leadership Scholarship$70,000
David MyersUniv of ID$13,000
Nicole NinemireFalcon Booster Club Women In Engineering Program$5,000
William PerryFort Hays State Univ$400
DaKishia ReidFalcon School Dist #49 Falcon Booster Club$500
Bobby RatterreeNorthwestern College$8,500
Nick ShaneCO State Hockey Assn$1,000
Melissa ShipleyUniv of Northern CO$1,000
Kelsey SmithAFROTC$60,000
Jayme StarrVernon College$25,000
Katie StephanHastings College$10,375
Adams State$500
Matt StickelUCCS$1,000
Herff Jones$1,000
Chelsea WelshUSAFA$320,000
West Point$250,000
Tabor College$48,000
CU – Boulder$1,000
DAR (Daughters of the Revolution)$1,000
Ft Lewis College$3,500
Genelle MartinezNavy ROTC$85,000
West Point$250,000
Branden NethkenArmy ROTC$81,000
Tony ParsramWest Point$250,000
Navy ROTC$85,000
Congratulations Falcon! You are making a difference in the lives of our youth and making our community stronger!– Laila A. Marshall2004-05 Falcon High School Counselor

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