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Road work

Colorado Springs dignitaries gathered Feb. 21 at the intersection of Woodmen Road and Mohawk Road to launch the final phase of the Woodmen Road construction project. Woodmen Road will be widened from two lanes to four lanes, along 6.2 miles from Powers Boulevard to Highway 24.Commissioner Wayne Williams spoke about the history of the project and said that widening Woodmen Road to four lanes from Interstate 25 to Highway 24 was first proposed in 1972.Construction is expected to cost $20.1 million, with funding from three sources: El Paso County funds account for 20 percent; 30 percent is from the Woodmen Road Metropolitan District; and the federal government contributed 50 percent of the costs.The contract awarded to R.E. Monks Construction allowed 15 months for the project, but Williams said he hopes the project will be finished within a year.The contract for administering construction was awarded to Wilson & Company Engineers and Architects Inc.According to the Web site for the project,, work began Feb. 11 with the set up of the field office at 9886 E. Woodmen Road.Construction will proceed in three phases:

  • Construction of two westbound lanes on the north side of the existing Woodmen Road from Powers Boulevard to U.S 24.
  • Reconstruction of the existing Woodmen Road as two new eastbound lanes; crossover lanes will temporarily route traffic to the new westbound lanes.
  • Removal of the crossover lanes, landscaping and final trail connections.
A project description released by the El Paso County Department of Transportation and the Woodmen Road Metropolitan District indicated that traffic flow will be mainly affected at night.Visit for information about the schedule and traffic conditions.

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