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El Paso County Colorado District 49

Randall Brungardt – the newest D 49 board member

Randy Brungardt was chosen by the D 49 board of education to fill the board seat vacated by Laine Gibson. Sworn in on Sept. 7, Brungardt is anxious to contribute to the board. Well versed in Robert’s Rules of Order, Brungardt’s first contribution was advising the board on proper motioning procedures.A resident of Falcon Hills, Brungardt lives with his wife and five children, who attend D 49 schools. For 13 years, he has worked at St. Joseph’s as the pastoral associate and director of religious education. Brungardt considered running for the position last year, but the timing was not right. When Gibson resigned, Brungardt’s schedule had changed, and he applied for the vacant position. “I decided it was time to do something that had an impact on my own children as well as the community,” he said.Brungardt knows that he has only 16 months to make an impact, and he is prepared to do whatever is necessary. “My No. 1 priority is the kids. We need to offer the best resources possible so our children can be successful in college and in life,” he said. He also is an advocate for increasing staff compensation. “The district is not competitive salary wise with other local districts. If we want to attract and keep the best qualified teachers and support staff, we have to offer competitive compensation,” Brungardt said.D 49’s newest board member is currently researching what can be accomplished in the next 16 months. “I don’t like to leave things unfinished, and I really do not know yet if I will run for the board,” he said. “Better funding for schools is also something I want to get more deeply involved with.” Brungardt said he feels he is prepared and ready to help move the district forward by keeping the children of D 49 his first priority. “I will do the very best that I can.”

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