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Five years ago, Deanna Patrick realized her dream of owning a hair salon. Since then, A Flair for Hair has flourished; and, in October, she remodeled, which created a bigger space complete with a reception area and fireplace.When she opened the Falcon salon, operated out of her home, Patrick worked three days in Falcon and three days in Colorado Springs. Within six months, she was busy enough to work in Falcon full time. Patrick said many of her Colorado Springs clients followed her to Falcon, and she has had some of her clients for 15 years.”Being a part of these women’s lives is such a privilege,” Patrick said. “I started doing some of their hair right out of college and I’ve done their hair for their weddings; I’ve done their hair when they’re going into labor.”Patrick said because of her close relationship with her clients she has been invited to everything from weddings to Christmas parties. “I never had anybody invite me on their cruise yet, though,” she joked.Patrick offers a full array of hair services; including color, haircuts, highlights, up-dos and wedding styling, as well as facial waxing.After being transferred to Arizona 20 years ago with the retail company she worked for, Patrick decided to attend beauty school. The career choice enticed Patrick because she described herself as a people person. “I have always enjoyed working with people,” she said. “I wanted a career with a creative edge, and also to find a career I would be good at.”Born in Denver, Patrick has always considered Colorado home. She lived in Arizona four years and moved back to Colorado to be closer to family. She is a third generation Coloradoan and wanted her three children to be closer to family. Patrick said the Colorado seasons reflect her personality. “Hairdressers like change. I’ve lived other places without season changes, and being a hairdresser I like change. That works for me,” Patrick said.Patrick rented booth space in Colorado Springs’ salons for 10 years. But, she became tired of the distractions- noisy blow dryers, ringing phones and constant interruptions – and decided it was time for a change.”I thought there’s got to be a better way to have more of a one-on-one conversation with your client, to make it a more personal relationship, so when they walk out they feel like they’ve had a little reprieve, and they’ve had some time to unwind.” This aspiration for a personal touch sealed her decision to branch out.Patrick said when she moved to Falcon it was just beginning to grow, which presented a little bit of both worlds. “I got here right before Falcon really started getting things out here. And, I got to meet more people coming out here who were new as well.” she said. At that time, Deanna said, there were no salons in the area and she saw a need in the community for her services. “It was just a perfect fit.”Patrick said she is pleased with the direction her career has taken. “It’s really an honor,” Patrick said. “It’s just amazing to be somebody’s hairdresser because it is a special relationship. You see them anywhere from four to eight weeks, and eventually you can’t just keep talking about the weather, and we start talking about their lives and mine.”More on Deanna PatrickName someone you admire and why.I really admire Oprah (Winfrey) because she went from talk show host to doing so many other things. It’s absolutely amazing. And she still seems real when she’s a multi-millionaire … billionaire. She still keeps it real and she understands what is going on in the world.What is the hardest part of your job?The hardest part about a home business is that some people don’t know about me. I don’t have a storefront, and I’ve had to deal with how to do my business out of my home. Some people don’t know I’m here because it’s not visible. Another thing is that some clients are unsure about a home business because they are unsure how I can do it out of my home.What do you like most about your business?A lot of my clients are very involved women, and they’re into doing a lot of things for the community, so that helps me to become involved. I’ve been able to give gift certificates to a lot of the things my clients are involved in – from breast cancer to a women’s resource center. That makes me feel really good. I want to be part of things and help out. Why have a business if you’re not going to contribute more than just you making a living?What is your favorite hairstyle?I know what’s not my favorite, and I know what I refuse to do is a mullet. You do have to be very considerate of people. People don’t want to come in and get their feelings hurt, so I’ve learned to say tactfully, “Let’s update.”

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