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Please meet Sophia

Sophia is a Boxer mix about 1 year old. Not only is she beautiful on the outside but also on the inside. She was only one step away from an unknown fate until a wonderful family took her in when she was found left behind in a vacant apartment after her family moved away. She now begins her journey to find her forever home. Sophia is housebroken but needs some reinforcement in that department. A few extra trips outside is probably all it would take. This issue might be all stress related. She loves children and adults and is a snuggler! Sophia is a bit timid – she does NOT do well with alpha or aggressive dogs.If you think Sophia would fit into your loving family and you would like to meet her, please call SAINT Animal Rescue in Calhan at 719-541-3099.It is always a challenge when adopting a new pet. SAINT Animal Rescue asks the new family to give the animal a reasonable amount of time to adjust to its new family and environment. This is so important to your new family member as well as your existing family members. Don’t forget to visit our Web site at; and, as always, thank you for caring!Did you know a dog can suffer from a poor self-image, just like humans? Bolster self-esteem with praise, affection and rewards.

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