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Please meet Fargo, Ferriday and Foley

In January, Wild Blue Animal Rescue and Sanctuary collaborated with other rescue organizations†from†Denver, Colorado Springs and†Pueblo to address a cat hoarding situation in southwest Colorado Springs. More than 160 cats were crammed in cages in a two-car garage. The 16 cats taken by†Wild Blue†received medical treatment†at Pine Creek Veterinary Hospital, where they all tested negative for FIV/FeLV. The cats received rabies and distemper vaccinations and†were microchipped.All are amazingly sweet and crave love and attention.†The cats†have been named after†U.S. cities starting with the letter F: Fairbanks, Fairfax, Faith, Fanning, Farina, Fargo, Fenwick, Ferriday, Fillmore, Fisher, Foley, Fontana, Fowler, Frazier, Frisco and Fulton. Fillmore and Fairbanks have been adopted but all the rest are available for adoption. Contact Wild Blue at (719) 964-8905 to give†these wonderful cats a new start to a happier life! The cost to adopt one of the cats is $75.

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