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Please meet DC

DC is a 7-month-old black Dachshund with brown markings. She is a true sweetheart! She gets along well with other dogs. She is very curious about cats and seems to enjoy their company as well. DC is a snuggler and loves to play outside with her family. Because of her size and her body build, extra care must be taken with her. DC would not do well in a home with large dogs.If you would like to meet DC, call SAINT Animal Rescue in Calhan at 719-541-3099. It is always a challenge when adopting a new pet. SAINT Animal Rescue asks the new family to give the animal a reasonable amount of time to adjust to its new family and environment. This is so important to your new family member as well as your existing family members. Visit the Web site at and thank you for caring!Hints about Dachshunds: They are prone to back problems due to their long spine and short rib cage. If allowed to jump down from a bed or couch, they can easily slip a disk. For this reason, it is also important to hold them properly, supporting their full frame.Also, be sure to ration their food appropriately ñ Dachshunds can gain weight quickly, causing more back problems and other issues.

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