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Please meet Caspian

Caspian is a 1-year-old male Catahoula Leopard dog.†He is playful and excellent with children.†He has all his shots and has a microchip.†Caspian currently lives with two cats and two other dogs. He will be neutered upon adoption. Catahoula Leopards are extremely agile and athletic as well as territorial and protective of “their property.”†Their owner must understand the alpha concept and stay in control at all times but still be loving to the dog.†Catahoula’s are very loyal, loving, intelligent and independent.†If you think Caspian would fit into your loving home and would like to adopt him, call SAINT Animal Rescue in Calhan at 719-541-3099.It is always a challenge when adopting a new pet.†SAINT Animal Rescue asks the adopter to give the animal a reasonable amount of time to adjust to its new family and environment.†This is so important to your new family member as well as your existing family members. For more information, go to the Web site at

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