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Animals play April Fools’ games, too

Phun Photos Beaver

Beavers: When thieves in St. Helena Parish, Louisiana, hid a bag of stolen money in a creek, the resident beavers helped themselves to their share. Officers found hundreds of dollars in cash woven into a dam of tree branches. Police collected the money and arrested the crooks. The beavers’ response? “Dam!”

Phun Photos Elephants

Elephants: A herd of elephants gave rangers at the Thula Thula wildlife reserve in Empangeni, South Africa, a run for their money. The rangers were studying six antelopes they had captured and placed into a gated field, when a herd of elephants who were passing by unhinged the latch and opened the gate. The rangers were gob-smacked as the newly freed antelopes bolted.

Phun Photos Orangutan

Orangutans: It’s not just kidnappers in action movies who want to disguise their voices — like holding a handkerchief over the phone. Orangutans in Borneo who are trying to mislead predators will hold leaves over their mouths to disguise their voices.

Phun Photos of a Panda

Panda: Workers at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in China are scratching their heads over one panda’s “phantom pregnancy.” The center went on baby watch after Ai Hin started showing the typical behavior of pregnant mothers. She was moved into an air-conditioned room and given extra food and treats, including fruit. But within two months, the pregnancy signs had disappeared, leading workers to think she faked the pregnancy to get the amenities.

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