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The Birds of Christmas
Penguins are associated with Christmas because they live in cold climates. They are often seen on Christmas cards alongside polar bears and reindeers, which in real life is not possible because penguins live on the opposite side of the world from polar bears and reindeers.
The robin is easily identified because of its red breast. This small bird is a common sight in woods and gardens in the British Isles and throughout much of Europe. There is actually an American robin, too. The robin is associated with Christmas because it is one of the most frequently-seen garden birds during the winter months.
The turtle dove, like the partridge is another of the gifts mentioned in the Christmas song ëThe Twelve Days of Christmas.î This is a migratory bird that spends winters in southern Africa. Because of hunting and new farming methods, the turtle dove is a threatened species.
The partridge has become associated with Christmas due to its appearance in the English carol ëThe Twelve Days of Christmas, in which a ëpartridge in a pear treeí is one of the 12 gifts sent to the singer by their ìtrue love.î Partridges are Old World species, and are not native to North America, except for the gray partridge.

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