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Peyton residents versus Lazy Y RV Park

By Coben Scott

On May 7, about 50 to 60 Peyton and Falcon residents met to discuss the proposed Lazy Y Rockin J RV Park, a 30-acre campground located at 12960 N. Peyton Highway, near the intersection of Peyton Highway and Highway 24.

A previous meeting, hosted by the developer, Scott Smith, took place April 24. In April, the developer discussed the benefits and addressed resident concerns; however, this recent meeting was a residents-only gathering, all opposing the RV park.

Attendees shared many ideas on how to address their concerns. One person pitched the idea of pooling money together to hire an attorney — some thought the costs would be too much. Another person suggested that attendees who have certain areas of expertise research issues like zoning laws, water usage, tax effects, traffic control, etc.

More than 100 letters opposing the project have been sent to county commissioners, but the attendees said they have not received a response.

The meeting discussion then turned to the reasons for opposing the project. People talked about flooding in the area. One person said when it rains heavily, sometimes their field is washed out along with road access, which could cause a slew of problems for the park visitors.

Another resident talked about possible fire issues. Although the owner of the park previously stated they would regulate fire pits, some might not pay attention to the rules or understand the eastern plains’ winds and the red flag warnings. One resident said, “What’s going to happen when the wind carries a spark to a field … I don’t want my house burnt down.”

A business owner said the RV park is planning to build a general store on the campground to limit travel to Peyton or Falcon for supplies; however, that brings competition to those already operating stores in the area.

The attendees were in agreement that Emergency Service response times are an issue in the area. In one instance of a local store scuffle, the sheriff arrived 40 minutes after the call. Another person mentioned that they called the fire department for help with a teenager who fell from a car — the wait time for the fire department was 30 minutes. Other issues of response times were addressed, along with what agencies would be responsible for responding.

In reference to the potential RV park, one resident of 30 years said, “The town’s just not big enough for it.” Another resident of 25 years, Jim Cuchares, who was also quoted in the April issue, said, “I think now is not the time for it. It will impact our wells, traffic and the store, Maggie’s.” A friend of Cuchares, who is a 30-year resident and business owner in the area said, “There’s already two RV parks in Falcon and one in Calhan that can’t be filled, why do they need one here? It’s going to bring bad things to the community. People live out here to avoid problems. (The park) might bring in theft and drugs that we don’t want. Peyton ain’t the perfect town, but I don’t want to see it wrecked.”

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