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Pet Peeves relative to social graces

The NFH team was asked to submit a paragraph or two about their pet peeves related to human behaviors.Restaurant lingeringMy husband and I managed to snag the last empty table at a popular Falcon restaurant on a busy evening. At about the same time, a couple of women at the next table had finished their meal and were paying the bill. They continued to sit and chat as we placed our order and waited for our food. Meanwhile, I watched a growing line of hungry people waiting to be seated.We received our food. We ate. The women continued to talk. A few incoming customers were seated as other diners left, but the backlog at the door remained. Forty-five minutes after we sat down, we paid our bill and departed.The two women were still gabbing away, seemingly oblivious to the fact they were keeping someone else from sitting down to enjoy their night out.Laws, rules and general etiquette are in place for a reason. We donít get to pick and choose which protocols to follow based on what is most convenient in any given moment.– Robin WidmarAlways lateOne of my pet peeves is when people are late and donít notify me so I can rearrange my schedule. I think it shows a real lack of consideration. More than once, I have waited in a parking lot for various amounts of time. I only let it happen one time and after that, I have them text or call me when they are leaving, so I know when to meet them. – Leslie SheleyHave patience will travel?I have to wonder why some people act like their time is more valuable than others. Maneuvering through airport TSA can often be a stressful time. On a recent return trip from visiting my daughter in Seattle, I witnessed a traveler heckle the TSA agents who were instructing passengers through the screening process. “Yada, yada, yada, we get it. Can we just get this line moving? I have a flight to catch.” Really, YOU have a flight to catch? Why did he think the rest of us were in line? What purpose did it serve for this man to shout out his opinions to the agents who were doing their jobs? It was easy to see that he had no respect for those workers or the passengers around him. – Michelle BarretteCell phonesMany people are attached to their cell phones like babies clinging to their pacifiers. But one thing cell phone users do is inarguably rude. Those are the people who continue to talk on their cell phones while they are at the checkout lines of grocery stores, clothing stores, whatever. They might acknowledge the cashier with a nod but they canít hang up or call someone back to actually greet the person behind the register. That behavior is dismissive and discourteous. The majority of people I see doing this: women.– Marylou BrideExcuse me & thank youMy biggest pet peeve is when someone needs to get past me in a stadium, auditorium or meeting to get to seats farther into the row, and I move my legs for them but they don’t say “thank you.” Recently, a mother and her two children not only didn’t say “thank you” when I moved my legs, but also they didn’t make eye contact or even acknowledge that I was there. I moved my legs when I realized they intended to walk past me, but there was no attempt to acknowledge my actions, which I felt were kind because I didn’t WAIT for her to ask me to move. In this situation, I feel like that clearly shows why children may have trouble with manners; their mom clearly didn’t have any so why would they?– Lindsey Harrison

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