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Letters to the Editor

On Amendment 49

I guess I wasn’t too surprised to hear that many Colorado governments are acting as the bagman for special interest groups. In some ways, clean government seems like a thing of the past.I looked up information on Amendment 49 and quickly got the picture. Governments collect money through their payroll systems, bundle it up, and hand it off to labor unions and other special interest groups. These groups then turn around and give some of the same money back to politicians and lobbyists, to the tune of millions of dollars. As far as many of our elected officials are concerned, the special interests’ voices are louder than our voices – the voices of taxpayers!What really sold me on Amendment 49, though, is the fact that the idea has been done before without a hitch. Twelve Colorado counties have passed such a law. With Amendment 49, the people can make one statewide standard, an ethical standard. Maybe clean government isn’t outdated after all.Chuck BroermanColorado Springs

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