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El Paso County Colorado District 49

Need a road paved?

Commissioner Douglas Bruce recently announced that El Paso County has an optional program to speed up paving of smaller rural roads.If someone owns property next to an unpaved road in unincorporated El Paso County and is interested in having it paved, the El Paso County Department of Transportation can assist through the Resident Participation Program.The project must meet the following conditions: The road must carry a small volume of traffic – fewer than 200 trips per day on average; the road must not be scheduled to be paved by the county in the next three years; and all adult property owners who own real property adjoining the road must sign a petition to have the road paved.Before a petition to pave the road is presented to DOT, the department will respond to the property owners in writing, indicating whether the road is on the department’s three-year paving schedule.During the first quarter of each year, DOT will obtain bids and award contracts for paving. The road will be measured and a precise cost estimate will be prepared. DOT will mail a copy of the estimate and a contract with specific instructions to all property owners. The program requires 100 percent participation as shown by contract signatures.The cost is divided evenly among adjoining parcels, regardless of their size. The full cost must be paid upfront, after board approval.The cost of road improvements varies. Call Jim White, DOT customer service superintendent at 520-6824. Call Douglas Bruce at 520-6412 or by e-mail

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