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MVEA demonstrates incidents involving electricity

Submitted by Mountain View Electric Association

Mountain View Electric Association hosted Live Wires and First Responders on Aug. 23 at the MVEA’s office in Falcon. The event was held in collaboration with Falcon Fire Protection District.

With safety as a paramount concern for MVEA, the co-op has forged partnerships with first responders and community organizations to ensure public safety in incidents involving electricity. Terryl Jensen, MVEA vice president of operations, said, “By collaborating with first responders, we are able to effectively communicate how we prioritize public safety during power-related accidents, while also acquainting attending first responders with our electric crews and the valuable resources we can offer.”

Bill Hottel

Bill Hottel, a lineman at United Power, shared his experience when a 7,200-volt electric shock sent him via helicopter to the burn center in Greeley several years ago.

Pole top rescue

MVEA demonstrated a pole-top rescue, complete with a simulated incident scenario. The simulation started with the “electrical contact” of a training mannequin. Simulated emergency calls were made, prompting an MVEA lineworker, Matt Martin, to ascend the power pole for the rescue mission. The Falcon Fire Protection District also responded to the staged emergency call.

MVEA high voltage

In a high voltage demonstration, MVEA lineworkers showcased electric arcs, various types of power line equipment, and used hot dogs and grapefruits to illustrate the potential effects on a person’s body and heart in the event of electrical contact.

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