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Music is his passion

With a double major in piano and voice at Colorado State University Pueblo, where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in music education, Joshua John Floyd is a busy first-year college student.Floyd is a native of Peyton, Colo., and the son of a heavy construction worker and a substitute teacher.He attended Peyton High School, which he credits for aptly preparing him for the challenges of college.From an early age, Floyd said he wanted to be involved in music.ìMy uncle is a great piano player, and I always looked up to him,î he said. ìMy sister started taking piano lessons, and I wanted to do it, too. I started playing at (age) 7. I’m passionate about it.îFloyd plans to finish college and become a worship leader at a church. ìI just feel like God is the main reason why I’m here, and I want to use music to glorify him,î he said. Floyd has been involved with various worship teams since seventh grade, including teams at Summit Bible Church and Aspen Ridge Church. Floyd said a worship team is the musical group that leads the songs, when itís time for the congregation to sing. ìIt’s meant to help focus people’s hearts on God,î he said.Attending Peyton High paved the way for a smooth transition to college. ìI feel like I owe a lot to my music teacher and mentors in Peyton,î he said. ìI feel like it’s really prepared me more than other schools would. Just having gone there, I’m way ahead of the curve musically and academically. I feel like I can use the message that teachers and mentors have taught me, and now I can live out those messages and morals.”Floyd said heís found a place among like-minded people. ìI have peers that are equally as motivated as I am,î he said. ìHere, I feel like I have more people I can identify with,î Floyd said.Identifying with kids still in elementary and high school, Floyd offered a piece of advice. ìIt’s a whole lot better to do what you want to do and what you have talent in. I feel like a lot of kids in middle and high school just do the things that everyone around them does just to fit in. It’s really a matter of knowing your identity and knowing who you are.î

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