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Mello Memories

Ginny Mills, president of Mello Memories, a nonprofit organization, shares her passion for horses by taking her miniature ponies to visit with the elderly, disabled and disadvantaged.”This is God’s ministry,” Mills said. “We live in a throw-away society. Seniors today are thrown away, so I decided to do something about it.”Her vision began in 2008 after her house would not sell. She said she was left to search for something more in her life. Mills retired from teaching piano and started to volunteer for Evercare Hospice in Colorado Springs.Then she met Peanut Butter, a 14-year-old gray and white pony with incredible intuition. The pony inspired Mills to expand her vision for helping others, which led to the creation of Mello Memories.Mills named her organization after her father, Melvin Leo Mills, who taught her about giving to her neighbors. “He was the kindest man, and he always taught us to help others,” Mills said.She currently owns six miniature horses. Towering above the minis is Mariah, a personable full-sized horse that has been close to Mills’ heart for 15 years.Miniature horses are commonly kept as pets and can be used as guide animals for the blind and for people with mobility issues and those in wheelchairs.Mills said miniature horses live an average of 25 to 30 years.”The horses can tell if a resident is stressed or ill,” she said. “They know exactly what each person needs, and they are the ones who tell me when the visit starts and when it is over.”Since 2008, Mello Memories has served more than 40 facilities in Colorado Springs. Mills said she is always looking for new places to visit and eventually hopes to have 10 visiting horses and a solid group of volunteers.Mills is always looking for volunteers with a passion for horses, and she welcomes donations, which are tax-deductible. She accepts cash donations as well as grain, hay, brushes, hoof picks, accessories, stall mats, gym shoes, veterinarian services and farrier services.Mills will have her horses at the Black Forest parade on Aug. 13.”The horses have taught me patience,” she said. “They will teach you to chill out, calm down and relax.”For more information, visit

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