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Local pastor builds church community

In 2001, Pat Jeffrey and his wife Joyce came to Falcon, at the invitation of the Presbytery of Pueblo, to build a congregation of Christian worship.As he began his work, Jeffrey said he focused on three things: building relationships in the community, sharing the good news of the gospel and spreading the love of God.Almost 10 years later, Jeffrey’s dedication has grown into Grace Community Church, where he serves as the senior pastor. His wife is the worship leader. The church has 135 members, with more than 150 attending Sunday worship services each week.”Falcon is a melting pot,” Jeffrey said. “It’s important to develop trust and relationships.”He believes there is a degree of caution in our culture today; people are more guarded about building friendships and reaching out to others.”There is a danger of being overly cautious – it creates a hunger for personal relationships,” Jeffrey said. “We need friendships, we need to be connected. I believe God created all of us to be in relationships.”Building trust and finding ways that Grace Community Church could fill the needs of the community was a challenge, Jeffrey said.He said he focused on building relationships and developing ministries within Grace Community Church to reach out to a variety of needs. Bible study groups meet weekly; there is an organization for the youth and a tweens’ class is being formed, Jeffrey added.Construction on the worship center was completed last fall; and, in addition to church activities, Jeffrey has opened the building to the community for meetings and other purposes.”Members of the chamber of commerce meet here, the senior citizens exercise here and we’re the charter organization for Boy Scout Troop 149,” he said.Grace Community also hosts Angel Food Ministries, a service that provides $30 food boxes designed to assist feeding a family of four for a week. Jeffrey said Angel Food doesn’t just help families keep their food costs down, but it’s also turned into a service opportunity.”People will pay for two boxes and only take one,” Jeffrey said. The extra boxes are then given to Falcon families in need.Jeffrey said he loves his work, which, he said, is more a lifestyle than a job.”You’re on call 24/7,” he said. “One day will be quiet and you can listen to the Lord. The next, one telephone call and you can spend the whole day in the hospital giving comfort.”Even his hobbies center around his devotion to God. “In my time off I like to be in God’s creation,” Jeffrey said. “It’s a spiritual experience.” He said he enjoys camping, fishing, hunting and backpacking, which he does with his two sons.The Jeffrey family also enjoys playing music together. His sons, one in high school and the other graduating from college, are both accomplished musicians.”They get their talent from their mother,” Jeffrey said. But he does admit to singing and playing the guitar.Jeffrey said keeping Grace Community a close-knit community is important. He wants to keep the Grace Community congregation fairly small. Becoming a mega-church isn’t in his plans.”We’ll grow to 300 to 400 members; you might not know everyone by name, but at least know them by face,” he said. After that, he said he will organize break offs within the congregation so they can develop their own church and organization.He’s pleased with the progress so far. “We are so blessed,” Jeffrey said. “God has helped us grow so quickly.”

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