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Local Girl Scout earns top award

The Girl Scouts of the United States of America presented the highest award a Girl Scout can achieve ó the Gold Award ó to Falcon High School senior Kit Bernal. She was one of 50 girls to earn the award for the 2014-2015 school year, out of a total of 25,000 Girl Scouts across the state.ìItís pretty rigorous how they go about earning it,î said AnneMarie Harper, public relations director for Girl Scouts of Colorado, ìFor most, it takes about two years.îBernalís passion for art and education inspired the project that prompted the Gold Award. She developed a series of art lessons for the Falcon Homeschool Enrichment Program. ìI felt it (art education) was something that they were lacking,î Bernal said. ìIt helps right brain development and encourages more individualized learning, and itís a wide problem that art programs are getting cut.îHarper said that Girl Scouts in the running for the Gold Award are required to create a project stemming from their interests that could benefit their community. Whatever project they choose must be sustainable after the project is completed, Harper said. ìIn Kitís case, the program that she chose to work with will be able to use the lesson plans that she created in the future,î she said.ìItís really great because the homeschool program is on a cyclical two-year program so it repeats,î Bernal said. ìThey just need to replace the materials but can keep using the lesson plans.îBernal had to organize everything, spearhead and manage the project on her own to earn the Gold Award. Harper said the process helps the girls develop communication skills and learn about community relations, Harper said.ìWe are very proud of Kit and all the work that she has done,î Harper said. ìSheís very deserving of the Gold Award.î

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