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Local Boy Scout Troop celebrates honors

On Aug. 21, Peyton Boy Scout Troop #444 celebrated an open house and convened its first ever Court of Honor, awarding 45 merit badges and five rank advancements. Troop leaders, as well as 11 scouts with their parents and siblings welcomed three guests and their families to the Latigo Trails Clubhouse.The five scouts who were recognized for their hard work by advancement in their rank were Ryan Kilgore, Bronze Palm to his Eagle rank; Matthew Benett, Life; Cole James, First Class; Calvin Murillo, First Class; and Linus Murillo, Second Class.The merit badges were earned at the Bethune Camporee summer camp at Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch, Camp Chris Dobbins, and with Troop leadership activities. Listed are the individual boys and their merit badge awards: Aaron Barger, Family Life and Personal Management; Brandon Pelton-Cox, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the Community, Family Life and Personal Communication; Cole James, Railroading, Rowing, Swimming, Auto Mechanics, Orienteering and Rifle Shooting; Zane Gaddy, Auto Mechanics and Rifle Shooting; Matthew Benett, Rifle Shooting, Lifesaving, Wilderness Survival and Auto Mechanics; Ryan Kilgore, Forestry, Soil &Water Conservation, Auto Mechanics, Farm Mechanics, Mammal Study and Rifle Shooting; Travis Leidholm, Soil & Water Conservation, Earth Study, Mammal Study, Veterinary Medicine, Animal Science, Pottery Rifle Shooting and Auto Mechanics; Calvin Murillo, Orienteering, Railroading, Auto Mechanics, Rifle Shooting and Rowing; Linus Murillo, Mammal Study, Bird Study, Auto Mechanics, Rifle Shooting; Daniel Schaal, Auto Mechanics, Farm Mechanics, Rowing, Pottery and Railroading. Kilgore was also awarded the World Conservation Award by having earned the combination of Forestry, Soil and Water Conservation, Citizenship in the World, and Environmental Science over his years with the troop.Additional recognition was given to each scout who attended summer camp. Mark Benett and Dee Dee Murillo earned their Scoutmaster Challenge patch. Benett and Kilgore participated in the camp 5K race. Despite Kilgore and Benett adding a kilometer to the race by taking a wrong turn, Kilgore came in second.

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