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Law Enforcement Officer of the Year 2011

Dedication, service, drive and passion: From the start of her career in 1998 as a contractor serving meals to inmates in the county jail, Detective Tammy Gugliotta has displayed these qualities. Supervisors took notice, and she was promoted to a bookkeeping position in the Criminal Justice Center and later became a concealed handgun permit and extra duty coordinator.In 2000, Gugliotta entered the Basic Law Enforcement Academy and became a deputy in January 2001. She worked as a guard at the CJC and eventually moved to the Intake and Release Division. From jail duty to the Civil Division, Gugliotta spent five years serving restraining orders and eviction notices.Gugliotta has been an active board member, holding key positions, of the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge No. 9. She has also served on the El Paso County Sheriffís Office Employee Advisory Committee and the Crisis Negotiations Team.Gugliotta is currently in the Investigations Division.The Exchange Club of Falcon has recognized Detective Tammy Gugliotta as the ìLaw Enforcement Officer of the Year (2011).î

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