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From the Publisher


Our editor has told me a few times that she gets asked by people, usually who live out of state, if we write stories on news like the recent Lewiston, Maine, shooting or the hellish wars in Israel and Gaza and Ukraine and Russia. Marylou says she answers with a resounding NO and then explains the focus of community newspapers.

Unfortunately, somewhere in Maine a community newspaper is refocused and reporting on another mass shooting in their hometown.

The mass shootings in the U.S. are wars within our own borders, and most of us don’t have safety rooms. We are just walking the streets or sitting in a classroom or having fun in a friendly bar when the enemy strikes. People in other countries live with constant war — usually defined by opposing religions or territorial claims or a quest for power or pure evil that spawns hate.

What defines our war? Our enemies are our fellow citizens. We may not recognize them because they aren’t in uniform or riding around in tanks, but as our president and others work to mitigate the growing wars overseas, we must be vigilant about the war in our country. Because it’s here.

On that somber note, back to the community newspaper. We try to cover the news as best we can, and things are happening at a more rapid pace in our community at this time. Read the Falcon Highlands articles and know there is plenty of conflict in our own community to cover. But be patient with us. As these issues come up, the answers are not black and white.

We had a gentleman call a couple of weeks ago and ask us about our Meridian Road story. He said our story was basically lame (he didn’t use that word, but we think it was lame, too). At the time, we didn’t have enough information — the county said it was the contractor’s fault and vice versa. The county basically said the road is done, finished — no worries. But there were still questions about how the process was initially determined and eventually completed. With the caller guiding us a bit on how to assess the overall situation and providing us with ideas on which professional group to contact, we are picking it up again. We also think roads are going to continue to be a headache for the county and the contractors, so maybe it will help to dig in deeper. So, if you have some thoughts — negative or positive — contact us and we can work together.

I want to mention Veterans Day — Nov. 11. It is a day to honor and recognize the men and women of the military — the people who have to uproot their families and move around the world; the people who go to battle for us; the people who give their limbs and lives for us. Thank you all for your service!

I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving! The holidays are officially here. Be safe out there!

See you in December,


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