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Green seems to be the designated color of the 21st century. From “go green, think green and save green” to green building and green technology, many Americans are focused on the future of our planet. On April 22, citizens worldwide will celebrate Earth Day and focus on the need to recycle products and conserve our natural resources.Fact or farce, global warming has been on the mind of many Americans. Conservation and environmental awareness have been emphasized as we watch the melting of polar ice caps, decline of air quality and extinction of entire species. As the countdown to Earth Day ticks along, communities, schools and businesses worldwide will play a part in recognizing the need for conservation and action by making others aware of what can be done to decrease harmful and wasteful habits.Falcon is no different. Eastern El Paso County has long dealt with a water crunch. In this issue of The New Falcon Herald, Kathleen Wallace reports on the status of a court ruling regarding the use and transport of groundwater within the Upper Black Squirrel Groundwater Management District. Read about how the decision will affect area water consumption.The conservation of electricity is also a hot topic – both for the sustainability of our pocketbooks and the sustainability of the environment. Kathleen also writes about a program Mountain View Electric Association offers to help consumers conserve energy.We can all play a part in the health of our planet. One idea: Recycle this paper after you are finished reading it. Happy Earth Day!– Stefani, Michelle and the NFH team

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