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Well, it has finally happened: I am turning into my parents. As the years creep by, I hear myself relating the hardships of my youth to my children: “When I was a kid, there weren’t any computers.” Or, “When I was a kid, we never had a snow day, even if there was a blizzard and the snow was 5 feet high.” Or, “When I was a kid, we only had three channels to watch on TV.”My children look at me dumbfounded, not sure if they should believe my tales of woe, wondering how I spent my hours without video games and how I could face never waking up to a snow day.It happens every generation. As a child, I listened in disbelief as my parents told me they had to walk 5 miles to school in snow that reached above their knees (to make things worse they had to walk uphill both ways). Or, that they never had summer vacation (school was required all year, and they were at school until the late hours of the evening). Or, the reason old photos were black and white was because the world was black and white before color was invented. These tales are told to our children to help them realize how good they really have it. And it makes me wonder what stories of hardship my children will tell their children.Many of you can now appreciate the unbelievable tales told by your parents when you were younger.In this issue of The New Falcon Herald, Angie Morlan taps into the memory of Falcon residents in “Streetwise.” The world is much different than it was 20 years ago, and it may surprise many of you just how much things change. As you reminisce about life in 1988, you will no doubt have more tales to tell your children about the world when you were a kid.– Stefani, Michelle and the NFH teamCorrection:In the June 21- July 4 issue of The New Falcon Herald the article “Same ole, same ole” stated the Woodmen Hills Covenant Board responded to Ron Hardman’s inquiry about his driveway January 2007. The board actually responded January 2008.

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